Capricorn Coast Landcare Group Inc.

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About Us

Capricorn Coast Landcare Group Inc. is located in Yeppoon on the Capricorn Coast of Central Queensland. Operating since 1987, CCLG is a not-for-profit, non-government organisation working in partnership with the local community, other conservation and NRM groups, and local government to promote wise management of our land, urban spaces, water and natural resources for the benefit of all.

CCLG volunteers and staff work on a variety of on-ground projects and host community events to create awareness of local natural resource management issues: water quality, erosion, polution of waterways, salinity, marine debris, loss of biodiversity, and reduced riparian health. We encourage everyone to take responsibility and work together for the good of the environment and our great coastal lifestyle. 

Not only do we spread the word about Landcare, we also get out there and DO something for the good of the community and the environment. Membership is open to ALL members of the community!


Become a volunteer

CCLG has an active membership and volunteer base that work on rehabilitation projects and land care initiatives. Educational events and activities focused on community awareness about sustainable use of resources is a major focus. Through Landcare, everyone can be involved in targeting urban and land management issues and adopting sustainable practices. New volunteers are always welcome! 



CCLG has solid partnerships with a number of key organisations. We receive funds (when available) and support from Livingstone Shire Council; funding (when available) from Fitzroy Basin Association through the National Landcare and Reef Rescue Programmes to deliver on-ground projects and events; and from other sources through successful grant applications.



 What is Landcare?

The term "Landcare" is most frequently used to mean a network of people who are working towards sustainable natural resource management - that is, managing soil, water, and vegetation so they are available for use in the future. 

Landcare groups are formed by people with a common concern about the quality of the land and water in their local area. Landcare groups undertake a wide range of activities including on-ground works, research, education and community awareness.

Landcare groups also provide a valuable social network.

CCLG Executive Committee 2017-2018

President: Malcolm Wells

Secretary: Erin Messenger

Treasurer: Maureen McMartin


Coordinator: Sabrina Burke

Capricorn Coast Landcare Group Inc.

Envirolink Centre    |   3/78 John Street    |   PO Box 727   |   Yeppoon QLD 4703 

Phone:   07 4939 1002  |  Fax:  07 4939 1668   Email:

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